... is an app for simple and collaborative annotation of video and audio material.

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TRAVIS GO is free

Can be used immediately in class without great effort.

Highschool teacher, Switzerland

To work on videos together motivates to deeper involvement.

Secondary school teacher, Switzerland


Learning Tool

TRAVIS GO can be used as a learning tool in school lessons. The aim is to expand student’s media knowledge and literacy.

Professional Feedback

Use TRAVIS GO to create and send detailed feedback on media content.

Real-time Collaboration

Students and teachers or directors and editors etc. can work on projects digitally in real-time or at different times.


[00:01:00 PICTURE] Something’s in the air.
TRAVIS GO is based on a simple syntax that you can also write in MS Word or on a manual handout. Projects are saved as .txt files and can easily be read and exchanged between programs.

Work without Registration

For using TRAVIS GO you do not need to create an account or to log in, you can just start right away.

Your Data in Your Hands

All your projects and edits are stored locally on your computer. We do not store any data on our servers. This gives you full control over who has access to your TRAVIS GO projects.

TRAVIS GO has been developed by an international team based at the Seminar for Media Science, University of Basel and was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).